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Why hello there *wink* I'm Kiera. At this point I mostly just blog LOTR/Legolas/Sherlock stuff but with guest appearances from Star Trek, aSoIaF, The Avengers, and Tom Hiddleston. Sometimes I make gifs (I also love people who send me messages. we can be best friends guys)
**i tag everything if you don't like a fandom blacklist it.**

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My cousin is always watching Everybody Loves Raymond in the other room while I’m on the computer. I always hear Raymond’s voice. His deep, throaty voice, like a hungover toad. It’s very unique. Sometimes I continue to hear the thick grog of Ray Romano long after the television is off. Ray tells me things. Ray tells me horrible, horrible things. And I listen.

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"so why do you like lord of the rings so much?" [opens 80 slide per point presentation] [pulls out index cards] [places graphs on stands in front] [carefully arranges posters] [clears throat] "why, friend, i am so glad you asked"

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remember like 2 years ago when christmas stopped feeling like christmas for some reason

This post creeps me out because it is absolutely true 


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things literally everyone, regardless of gender, looks good in:

  • suits
  • lacy lingerie
  • eyeliner
  • ball gowns

•battle armor

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But I have been familiar with ruins too long to dislike desolation. — Lord Byron, in a letter to Thomas Moore (via blurrymelancholy)


a support group for people who started saying YAAAAAAS ironically and now can’t stop

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somewhere down the line i forgot that tags are for archiving stuff and not for making snarky comments under your breath

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She was terrifying in her beauty, bright like a devouring star. —Leigh Bardugo, Little Knife (via mashamorevna)

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[clicks on a person’s url to see how they’re doing after being dragged on their own post]

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Sansa Stark Week - Day 2 - Favorite Trait 


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Daily Show correspondent Michael Che tries to find a safe place to report from.

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i am 0% the person i was three years ago and i would probably get in a fight with 2011 me

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this is still the most frightening and powerful line of Season 4 and i don’t really think i need to explain why.